The Team


University of Thessaly

The University of Thessaly (UTH) is the 3rd largest University in Greece with 8 Schools and 36 Departments.

École Centrale de Lyon

École Centrale de Lyon (ECL) specialises in applied sciences and engineering and is one of 12 members of the University of Lyon.

University of Vienna

The University of Vienna (UNIVIE), founded in 1365, is one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe.

Leading Principal Investigators

UTH (Coordinator)

Dimitrios Karpouzas – Coordinator

Dimitrios Karpouzas is a Prof. in Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology and Head of the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, University of Thessaly, Greece. His work mainly focusses on the study of the interactions of pesticides and veterinary drugs with soil


Graeme Nicol

Graeme Nicol is a CNRS Director of Research and formally the AXA Chair in Microbial Ecology at École Centrale de Lyon. His research has mainly focused on understanding the fundamental contributions of different prokaryote groups to fertiliser-derived nitrogen transformation


Christa Schleper

Christa Schleper is a Professor of Genetics and Microbiology, Head of the Department of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology and leader of the Archaea Ecology and Evolution Group at the University of Vienna, Austria. Her work focuses on the evolution and ecology of Archaea an

External Advisory Board

INRAE, France

Laurent Philippot

Laurent Philippot is director of research at the INRAE and vice head of the

Syngenta, Switzerland

Olivier Loiseleur

Olivier Loiseleur is a Senior Science Fellow at Syngenta Crop Protection Re

ELLET, Greece

Miltiades Lazoglou

Miltiades Lazoglou is a collaborator of the Hellenic Society for the Enviro