École Centrale de Lyon

École Centrale de Lyon (ECL) specialises in applied sciences and engineering and is one of 12 members of the University of Lyon. The Environmental Microbial Genomics (EMG) group at Laboratoire Ampère, ECL, is an established centre of microbial ecology research that uses cultivation and constructed microcosm approaches together with established whole community ‘omics methodologies. Research themes include fundamental mechanisms of microbial adaptation, horizontal gene transfer, the nitrogen cycle, and environmental pollution in soil, aquatic and Arctic environments. Important society-based questions are also addressed such as the fate of REACH chemicals, the bioremediation of contaminated soils and water, the importance of climate change on microbially-driven biogeochemical cycles and pollution associated with fertilizer transformation and loss in agricultural systems. The EMG group consists of 5 permanent researchers with current research funded by the EU, ANR and Grantham Research Fund. The EMG group will be one of the three internationally-leading research groups of ACTIONr and will provide expertise in soil microbial ecology. Dr Graeme Nicol and Dr Christina Hazard will participate in the Project Coordination Committee and the Supervisory Board, respectively.

Principal investigators

Graeme Nicol

Graeme Nicol is a CNRS Director of Research and formally the AXA Chair in Microbial Ecology at École Centrale de Lyon. His research has mainly focused on understanding the fundamental contributions of different prokaryote groups to fertiliser-derived nitrogen transformation

Christina Hazard

Christina Hazard is a Principal Investigator in the Environmental Microbial Genomics group at École Centrale de Lyon. Her research focuses on examining the diversity, distribution, interactions, and activities of microorganisms (fungi, prokaryotes and viruses) in soil. Usin

Research Team

Séréna Albert

Postdoctoral Fellow